Team and contact






Josef Warmuth       

Engineering consultant - Patentee

Tel.:+43 (0) 664 73473835


Inventor of Sevaflex and patentee. F&E activities in the field of industrial investigation and industrial production in cooperation with mechanical engineers and technical colleges



Bernhard Pollak       

CEO Sevaflex GmbH & Co Kg (in the course of formation)

Tel.:+43 (0) 669 15232402


Karnburg am Kogel 18

9063 Maria Saal

Cooperation since 2015 with the Joseph Warmuth, inventor of Sevaflex.
Development of the business model and cost estimation.

2016 Founder & Patent licensee Sevaflex GmbH & Co Kg

14-16 CEO Panoramatec GmbH
09 Foundation Panoramatec GmbH


-08 Research Panoramatechnologien Inkubee Gründerzentrum build!

02-08 CEO egovtec, Pollak Keg

00-02 sole proprietor

99-00 education IT - Informationstechnologie

89-99 education in hotel business, 10 yeas work experience

Born on 02.09.73



Robert Kovacs       

CEO Sevaflex, Inc. (in formation)


Tel.: +1 (646) 902 4455

290 Harbor Dr, Stamford, CT 06902



13-15 COO Tyromotion Inc, New York, NY

11-15 President&CEO ColumBiz LLC, Stamford, CT

00-11 CEO Lukotronic OEG Innsbruck, Manufacturer of motion analysis devices

00-01 Economic Development Institute Austria-Business Certificate, Entrepreneurial Business Management

92-99 Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck/University of Innsbruck PhD, Applied Physics (neuro-stimulation & hearing implants)

92 –93 Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck/University of Innsbruck Business Administration and Management

87–92 Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck/University of Innsbruck MSc, Experimental Physics