An innovative patented panel heating system



The Sevaflex moduls are an innovative patented panel heating system. It is an  unit construction system, so everyone can install it by oneself. Just paste the heating on the interior walls like you do it with upgraded insulation panels! A modul connector provides a plane connection. The finished surface has to be leveled out like a normal wall.  A multiple proven and patented  tube connection system, which was constructed for fluids and temperature strains in particular, provides a seamless and fast wall mounting.




Function of the Sevaflex moduls



Every module consists of an insulation, a register panel, a flexible tubing in a loose storage medium, normally quartz sand, and a front panel. The sevaflex moduls can be heated with high temperatures, so that rooms are heated quickly, similar to usual heaters. The tube is embedded loosely in the storage medium so that it isn't exposed to strains of temperature. So Sevaflex prevents cracks in the wall, which sometimes appear with conventional sytems and normally have to be prevented with thermal fuses.


As heat carrier Sevaflex uses fluids like water or special heat carrier fluids.





Flexible integration to the infrastructure



The Sevaflex system is build in a way that installations (electric, gas, water, TV, etc.) can be integrated in the existing flow and return system and in the blank moduls without additional breaking works at the wall. Due to that the top panel of the flow and return can be removed.







Various dampings and damping thicknesses



The damping usually consists of styrofoam, but for different needs glass or wood fiber insulation can be used extern or integrated intern in the modul. There's also the possibility to use the blank moduls on an interior insulation like a space-saving  vacuum damping. This is an ideal addition if structural measures require it (1 cm vacuum damping = 6 cm styrofoam).







Cooling of the wall with special climate control units




Because of the large-area heating or cooling surfaces a good air conditioning is guaranteed only with little reduction of temperatures. The condensate formation is prohibited. Conventional climate control units can be used more efficient this way.






Existing infrastructure of flow and return




When a building is restored, the existing infrastructure of the tubing of flow and return can be taken from the old radiator connection. The temperature control is in the Sewaflex system integrated, so that it is irrespective from the infrastructure.







Regulation of the room temperature




The rooms can be controlled independently from each other with an App via a thermostat, which is integrated in a modul. Otherwise they can be also controlled with an conventional radiator valve.






Screw points


To assemble furniture like fridges and shelves assembly rails are useful, because they can be assebled at special screw points before the painting. It is possible to hang pictures on the wall with nails up to 9 mm. For heavier pictures or objects the screw points can be used. If it is necessary to drill a hole somewhere else, the customer must keep in mind that tubes are behind the panel and drill the hole carefully. Ideally the tubing can be detected with temperature measuring devices.









The essential advantage of the Sewaflex moduls is that they can be used for new buildings as well as for the restoration of old ones and even for historic objects.




Modular, simple installation
All moduls are combinable to each other
Flexible at the integration of infrastructure (electric, gas, water, TV, etc.)
Various damping thicknesses
Noise dampening
Possibility of fast heating of rooms with up to 60°C flow temperature
Maintenance-free panel heating with automatically aeration
No heating noises
Srew points at the panel heating for later assembly of furniture
Hanging of pictures with nails up to 9 mm is possible
Cooling of the wall with special climate units
Integration of lightening elements is possible
Existing infrastructure of flow and return can be used
Each wall can be controlled seperately depending on room and thermostat