The Sevaflex heating and cooling system in low temperature spectrum is flexible in use and can be connected to every heating or cooling infrastructure which is running with fluids. The moduls, which Sevaflex has invented and brought on the market, are patented building materials with a thermotechnical verification. To get the maximum efficiency, Sevaflex developes additonal systems for energy optimisation. The focus lies at the use of solar energy and other alternative renewable energy sources to make the system work. It is our motivation to raise the bar and show new possibilities, which allows us to heat and cool a building energy-efficient, ecological and self-sufficient with only small funds.

Our research department is currently working on:




Absorber modul



It is one goal to use the Sevaflex system as an upgraded insulation and absorbing surface on the exterior walls. A modul will be a absorbing surface without optical changes. The next step will be the realisation of moduls as bearing walls.







Long-term storage


Development of possible storages as for example a long-term storage based on solid matter.





Measuring software - App and webinterface for controling your Sewaflex system



To make your planning easier, Sewalfex develops a aoftware application, which helps you to measure your walls accurately without structurally engineered knowledge. The software leads you through all technical details from wall mounting to installations, lights, doors, windows and wall sizes. The app will be developed until the end of 2015. Up to then we offer a free measuring for your building not including travel expenses. You will get an offer due to your modul requirements and a layout plan as PDF-file for a error-free installation of the different moduls.






Show house


The show house is for developing different moduls of the Sewaflex system. Moduls can be installed there and tested for their performance. Each product opens new possibilities of utilisation and multiple ways to make use of opportunities.